Sparky’s Guide To Being A Great Valentine


Hey guys! It’s me, Sparky! I’m here to ask ya: Woof you be my Valentine? My paws weren’t made for writing, but if I could write you a Valentine’s poem, it would go something like this:

Collars are red
Leashes are blue 
And if you give me treats
I’ll always love you!

It’s Valentine’s Day
And I want you to know
I’ll follow you 
Wherever you go

When you give me a hug
It makes my heart whole
And I get as happy as when
You fill my food bowl!

If you see my tail wagging
I can promise you this
If I had the chance
I’d give everyone a Valentine’s kiss

I’m trying to be sweet
But being poetic is ruff
I just want you to know,
I love you, and stuff!

I’m just Sparky the dog
And I speak in canine
But I wanted to ask
Will you be my Valentine?

Valentine’s Day date ideas with your dog

Do you have a lovin’ pooch like Sparky that deserves to be spoiled and pampered? Here are some date ideas to try out with your best pal. 

Spa night

Light some pet safe candles, dim the lights and put on some relaxing music for a spa night for you and your dog. Give your dog a nice warm bath and a rub down with a fresh towel. Break out some dog nail polish and give your pooch a pet-icure and apply some paw balm, made just for dogs, to your pup’s feet. Give your dog a gentle, full body massage, focusing on your dog’s favorite places such as their ears, or that spot right under their collar that they just can’t reach. Finish up spa night using a comb or brush and gently grooming your dog. The relaxing motions will help melt away any anxiety your dog experiences and helps release oxytocin, known as the “love hormone.”

Movie night

A fun date night with your dog is a movie night at home. Pick out your dog’s favorite movie - think Air Bud, Homeward Bound or Scooby Doo - grab some snacks and a blanket, and cuddle up with your dog on the couch. Don’t forget some pup-corn for your dog, Beefy Bites are the perfect size and texture to use as an alternative to real popcorn, which may have butter and salt that isn’t good for dogs.

Picnic in the park

Another great date idea is a picnic in the park with your pooch. Grab a picnic basket and load it with a picnic blanket, food and a drink for yourself, a dish and some water for your pup, and your dog’s favorite Nature’s Advantage Freeze-Dried food, which is lightweight and convenient to bring along. Don’t forget to throw in a ball or a frisbee so you can play with your dog while spending quality time together. Then, head out to a dog-friendly park and spend a few hours soaking up the sun and listening to the birds with your favorite furry friend.

Double date to the dog park

Does your dog have a bestie? If so, a double date at the dog park is a delightful option for your dog. Pick up your pooch’s pal, or make arrangements with their pet-parents to meet them at the park, and release the hounds for a hilarious day of canine adventures. Bring several toys for the dogs to play with so they don’t get jealous, and make sure to have fresh water available at all times. It is also a good idea to keep food and treats out of the dog park so that it doesn’t excite the other dogs. Save the snacking for when your dog is done for the day and needs an energy boost after all that playing at the park. 

Whine and treat tasting

You’ve heard of wine and cheese tasting but a unique date night with your dog is to arrange a whine and treat tasting! Get some wine and cheese together for yourself, and get a few varieties of freeze-dried treats together for your dog, and try taste testing together. You could even pick up some (non-alcoholic) beer made especially for dogs!  Your dog gets to sample the treats and dog beer, while you sample the wine and cheese. A fun, silly way to enjoy the time you spend with your favorite dog.

As you celebrate Valentine’s Day and try out some date night ideas with your dog, don’t forget that the key to your dog’s heart is a meaty, savory Chick’n Heart! Dogs heartily adore chicken hearts; and they’re also good for your dog’s health which will make your own heart happy. Chicken hearts are high in protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and amino acids. Serve Chick’n Hearts as a Valentine’s Day treat or as a side dish to your pup’s V-day dinner.

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