We know that as a health-conscious pet parent, you shouldn’t have to spend hours researching long ingredient lists just to find the right food and treats for your pet. That’s why we’ve done the work for you!

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. We’re proud of our nutritious, grain-free food and treats, and we’re happy to tell you why!


All Nature’s Advantage food and treats are made in our own private facilities in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The raw materials are freeze-dried through our unique slow freeze-drying process, which removes moisture from the products over a 48-hour period without cooking the ingredients. It also “locks in” the heat-sensitive nutrients and enzymes that would be broken down if the ingredients were baked or canned.

The resulting food and treats are dry, lightweight and packed with nutritious goodness. They are packaged here in Green Bay, and shipped straight to your door for your fur-babies to enjoy!
The term “human-grade” can be misleading, as it does not necessarily refer to the quality or safety of ingredients. A facility that has been licensed to create products for human consumption can refer to their products as “human-grade.” Here at Nature’s Advantage, our only obsession is crafting delicious and nutritious meals for our pets and yours — so our manufacturing facilities were specially designed for raw pet food only!

So, while Nature’s Advantage products are not labeled “human-grade,” this has no bearing on food quality or safety. (To be honest, the quality of the meat and vegetables we source for our Nature’s Advantage fur-family is superior to many “human-grade” products, such as heavily processed store-bought bologna!).
We are proud to be 100% USA made! All Nature’s Advantage food and treats are made and packaged in our own private facilities in the American Midwest.
Nature’s Advantage freeze-dried food and treats are available from our online store and shipped directly to your door!


Nature’s Advantage food and treats contain farm-fresh fruits and veggies, as well as real meat, vital organs and bone from responsibly sourced protein. Our products do not contain any grains, gluten, artificial preservatives, dyes or rendered by-products.
Yes! All Nature’s Advantage food and treats are raw and never cooked. Our slow freeze-drying process removes moisture from the products over a 48-hour period, without cooking the ingredients or breaking down any of those healthy vitamins and nutrients, so you know your pet’s meals are as fresh and natural as possible!
All fruits, veggies and proteins with the exception of rabbit are grown and raised in America. We’re proud of the farming culture of the American Midwest, and endeavor to source as close to our facilities in Green Bay, Wisconsin as possible. All Nature’s Advantage products are ultimately made and packaged in Green Bay.

The rabbit meat in our Really Rabbit Dog Treats and Rav’n Rabbit Cat Treatsis sourced from France, from responsible facilities meeting the high standards set by the French Ministry of Agriculture.
The convenient long-lasting shelf life of our Nature’s Advantage food and treats is achieved through our unique slow freeze-drying process, which removes moisture from the products over a 48-hour period without cooking the ingredients or breaking down any of those healthy vitamins and nutrients. Once moisture is removed from the product, it becomes stable and shelf-safe.

For maximum freshness, our food also contains mixed tocopherols. Tocopherols are a family of vitamin E compounds naturally found in vegetable oils, nuts, fish and leafy green vegetables, and they function as a natural preservative.
As animal lovers ourselves, we at Nature’s Advantage are proud to be advocates for humane and ethical animal treatment! Our animal raw materials are the product of regularly inspected harvest facilities, who have provided us with official letters of guarantee ensuring that they are committed to humane and ethical treatment of animals from farm to harvest.


Nature’s Advantage freeze-dried treats and several of our dog foods and cat foods are best served as-is — no rehydration, thawing or other preparation needed. Simply open the bag and serve!

Many Nature’s Advantage dog foods and cat foods come in the form of highly versatile freeze-dried patties. These patties can be served as-is, or crumbled up and mixed into another food. You can also add water or broth to create a moist pâté that your pet will lick their lips for!
Nature’s Advantage freeze-dried dog food and treats are healthy options for dogs of all ages, breeds and life stages. Our high-protein, low-carb meals and single ingredient treats provide amazing health benefits for all dogs, from growing puppies to golden seniors.

Likewise, Nature’s Advantage freeze-dried cat food and treats are a nutritious and satisfying choice for all cats, from kitten to adult.

If you have questions or concerns about your pet’s specific nutritional needs, always consult with your trusted veterinarian before making any major dietary changes.
To transition your kitty or pup, we recommend mixing a small amount of Nature’s Advantage in with your pet’s current meal. Then, over the course of a two-week period, slowly increase the ratio of Nature’s Advantage vs. your pet’s previous diet. By the end of the first week, we recommend feeding your pet 50% Nature’s Advantage and 50% their previous food; by the end of the second week, your pet should be ready for 100% Nature’s Advantage!

Many dogs and cats love our food so much that they would be happy to make the switch right away, but we still recommend taking a full two weeks to give your buddy’s body time to adjust to the new diet. Also, as this is a guideline only, some pets would benefit from a longer transition process. All pets are individuals, so do whatever is right for your own kitty or pup!
If your pet’s usual diet is a dry kibble, try adding a bit of broth, gravy, shredded cheese or Greek yogurt as you mix your kitty or pup’s usual food with Nature’s Advantage. The unusual and intriguing smell may tempt your pal to give it a nibble, and then once they’re comfortable with the raw, meaty taste of Nature’s Advantage, you can reduce or eliminate this additional step.

If you are transitioning your pet to our freeze-dried patties, you can also try crumbling them with warm water to create a moist meal and release more of the tantalizing scent. Finally, you may wish to try a different protein and see how your pet reacts. Your pal may have been eating chicken-and-rice kibble his whole life, but perhaps he actually has a secret craving for turkey!

health benefits

Many of the commonly used fillers and additives in commercial pet foods, including gluten or grains, aren’t biologically necessary for your dog’s or cat’s nutrition. In fact, they have been linked to several health challenges.

Excluding these “junk” ingredients from your best pal’s meals and replacing them with real, raw protein provides much better nutrition for your pet, which ultimately leads to better overall health and a longer lifespan!
Because our single source proteins, fruits and veggies remain in a raw form that is naturally easy on your pet’s digestive system, a healthy freeze-dried raw diet results in many health benefits. Our Nature’s Advantage pet parents have seen their best pals find relief from food allergies and digestive distress, as well as maintain a healthier weight and have more energy day-to-day.

We credit our slow freeze-drying process, which never cooks your pet’s food, but instead locks in all those fresh nutrients from farm to food bowl!


Nature’s Advantage freeze-dried food and treats are shelf-safe and long-lasting. They do not require any refrigeration or freezing. Keep them in your cupboard in a cool, dry place until your kitty or pup is ready to chow down!
Because our unique slow freeze-drying process eliminates moisture, Nature’s Advantage freeze-dried dog and cat food is highly shelf-stable. In a cool, dry place, an unopened bag of Nature’s Advantage food or treats has approximately a two-year shelf life. Always check the expiration date printed on the package for clarity. Once opened, we recommend using the product within 30 days.
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