Do dogs dream, and if so, what about?

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Sometimes dogs do weird things while sleeping such as wiggling their feet, moving their legs, barking, twitching, howling or whining. You may be wondering, is my dog dreaming? What is my dog dreaming about? Is my dog having a nightmare? Lets dig deep into the topic of doggy dreaming and see if we can determine an answer. 

Do dogs dream?

Yes, dogs do dream. Most dog owners agree that when their dogs begin whining or making movements in their sleep, they are likely dreaming. A dog’s brain structure is similar to humans which means they likely experience similar processes while sleeping. Studies have shown the brain activity in a sleeping dog is similar to that of a sleeping human. That means when your dog starts twitching his feet while sleeping, as if he thinks he’s running in a field, he may actually be dreaming about that very thing!

What do dogs dream about? 

So if dogs can dream, what are they dreaming about? Are they imagining themselves eating a giant steak? Are they dreaming about finally capturing that pesky squirrel they’re always chasing? Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology think they may have found the answer. Although it is unlikely your dog is imagining whimsical fantasies while dreaming, MIT found that animals are able to vividly replay memories that they have experienced. So maybe your pooch really is dreaming about running after that squirrel. Or maybe when they sigh in contentment in their sleep, they are dreaming about you, the one they love the most.

Should I wake my dog if they’re dreaming?

Although you may be worried that your dog is having a bad dream, it is unlikely that your dog is experiencing a nightmare. Waking your dog while they are dreaming may actually scare them. A dog that is sleeping may react negatively to the confusion of an unknown source disturbing their slumber. As the saying goes, it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. Just stay near your pal while they are dreaming and provide them with the support of your constant presence and love. Chances are your dog will wake from their dream and forget all about it. 

If you do decide to rouse your pal from their dreamy slumber, make sure to take some time to snuggle with them on the couch. If you give them a few Savor’n Salmon premium freeze-dried dog treats, they’ll probably fall back asleep dreaming about yummy fishy treats rather than whatever dream may have caused the disruption to their sleep. For the latest information from Nature’s Advantage, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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