Meet Mo, The Sassy Queen of the House!

Well, good afternoon! My name is Mo, and it’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance. 

You may already be familiar with my “brother,” Sparky. (I use the term loosely — clearly, there’s no family resemblance). But I think it’s finally time to introduce myself and my place here at Nature’s Advantage!

I know Sparky has been doing his best to tell everyone about the amazing health benefits and oh-so-deliciousness of Nature’s Advantage food and treats. (And I do mean everyone — I’ve seen him gushing over Nature’s Advantage to strangers on walks, birds at the bird feeder, and even his own reflection in the mirror!).

But naturally, Sparky can’t speak on behalf of cats. Poor pup wouldn’t know a yarn ball from a tennis ball. And that’s why I’m here.

How did I get here, you ask? Well, believe it or not, I was once a stray. That’s right, I was a strong, independent feline who didn’t need any family — except, on cold days, or rainy days, or most days, I thought I might like one. A nice, loving family who’d give me plenty of cat toys to chase and warm laps to curl up on…and delicious meals every day, of course…well, a girl could do worse.

And once I chose my family, all I had to do was let them know. I meowed as pitifully as I could at the back door until my chosen Mom and Dad appeared. That’s when I really turned on the charm. I rubbed against their legs, purred like crazy, and made myself at home on the couch. I heard them saying things like, “She can stay here just for now” — and that’s when I knew I had them!

Of course, I already knew about Sparky. He was very excited to meet me — and who wouldn’t be? — but he just didn’t understand that cats don’t play the same way as dogs. Tug-of-war? No thank you. Now, give me a good feather on a string, and now we’re talking.

Anyway, let me tell you about my favorite part of being in a family. Yes, I enjoy the love and attention and chin scratches that I so richly deserve. But the #1 way I know my new parents love me is because they give me such delicious things to eat — every single day!

From Chick'n Cuisine to Tempt'n Turkey, every day is a feast with Nature’s Advantage. I can taste all those clean, nutritious ingredients and real, fresh meat. It’s the purrfect diet for a queen like me. And know what’s even better? Every time I am especially cute to my parents — when I knead their lap, or rub my head against them, or even if I meow just right — they’ll pull out a bag of Nature’s Advantage Freeze-Dried Cat Treats while saying, “Aww, what a good kitty you are!”

That’s right, I am. And good kitties deserve treats!

Now that I’m here in the Nature’s Advantage family, I can’t wait to tell everyone about how amazing our food and treats are. Plus, I’ll be pouncing on our blog to share tips and advice for pet parents on behalf of cats everywhere. You’re gonna want to hear what I have to say about making your kitty’s life the best it can be — so stick around!

Oh, and if you see my brother Sparky — toss him a tennis ball, will you? Poor pup is crazy for them. (Just don’t tell him it’s from me!).

Until next time, 


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