7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas With Your Dog

Christmas for dogs, Fun things to do with your dog

The holiday season means spending quality time with your loved ones — and who loves you more than your fuzzy best bud?!

From posing for photos to caroling together or making homemade crafts, there are many fun things to do with your dog this Christmas so that Fido can enjoy the holiday season, too.

Here’s just a few of our pal Sparky's festive favorites!

1. Buy Your Dog New Christmas Treats

If you’ve been thinking of trying a new protein for your dog treats, now is the time!

For a fun holiday craft, fill a DIY canine advent calendar with delicious Nature’s Advantage grain free dog treats. With seven scrumptious proteins to choose from, you could even give your best pal a different protein every day of the week, if you like!

Or, if you’d rather stick to your dog’s tried-and-true favorites — freeze-dried minnows, anyone? — simply stuff a bag in your dog’s Christmas stocking or Christmas present for a surprise from Santa you already know they’ll love. To really get into the spirit, let your pup unwrap their own present on Christmas morning. (Just don’t let them swallow the wrapping, ribbon or bows!)

2. Teach Your Dog a New Christmas Trick

Turn Rover into a helpful elf by training your dog to retrieve a present from under the tree! How cute and fun will it be on Christmas Morning to instruct your dog to “Give Grandma her gift”?

Practice with empty Christmas presents as your pup gets the hang of “Bring” and “Give.” Teaching your dog to reliably give you whatever they’re holding will also be helpful if they do manage to get their teeth on something you don’t want them to have!

If you’re not sure where to begin, check out Sparky’s training tips! And remember, if you have a food-motivated pup (and let’s face it, what dog isn’t??) then it’s all about the dog training treats. Nature’s Advantage treats are grain free, healthy and nutritious, so you don’t need to feel bad about feeding Rover a bunch while you’re training.

Find the reward that gets your pup’s tail wagging the fastest, and use that as motivation for them to learn something new this Christmas!

3. Involve Your Dog in the Holiday Photoshoot

As you’re preparing to send out the yearly Christmas Card, make sure you’re including your four-legged family, too!

There are many creative ways to feature your best pal in the holidays photos (and let’s face it — our adorable pups tend to steal any scene they’re in.). Turn your dog into your little reindeer or Santa’s Helper for an extra festive touch. Or, why not go ugly sweater-style? (Just make sure your dog doesn’t overheat or chew on any jingle bells).

If your pup isn’t a costume fan, that’s fine, too. As long as she’s in your lap or by your side, everyone will know she’s a full-fledged member of the family! 

4. Take Your Dog On a Christmas Outing

When you’re out on your Christmas adventures, stay alert to opportunities to take your best pal with you. After all, why can’t your dog join in on the caroling? Let your hound howl along to the Christmas hymns, or just be the fuzzy mascot of your caroling group! 

Or, when you’re planning your outing to see the Christmas lights, take a look in your local area for pet-friendly light displays, festivals or light trails. You could even take your pup with you when you go Christmas shopping — especially if there’s an outdoor Christmas festival nearby.

5. Make Dog-Themed Christmas Ornaments 

Make something at home with your dog this Christmas for a fun experience and cute memento of your pet that you can treasure in the coming years. Crafting a DIY salt dough ornament is a simple, easy way to capture your pup’s unique pawprint in a festive Christmas decoration!

Once you’re done making these adorable ornaments for your entire fur-family, remember that edible decorations are often too tempting for curious pets — so be sure to hang them high enough on the Christmas tree that your pup can’t get to them and eat their own masterpiece!

6. Watch Christmas Movies With Your Dog

After a long day of Christmas fun, it’s time to cuddle up with a blanket, a mug of hot cocoa and the best dog in the world (yours, of course!) for a holiday movie marathon.

While you can certainly stick to Rudolph, Frosty and the entire Hallmark channel for your holiday kicks, we especially recommend Christmas classics featuring canines. These include but are not limited to: A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Dog Named Christmas, The 12 Dogs of Christmas, The Dog Who Saved Christmas, and last but not least, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. (Honestly, who doesn’t love the Grinch’s faithful pal, Max?!)

7. Make a Christmas Donation to an Animal Shelter or Rescue in Your Dog’s Name

Not everyone is lucky enough to be home for the holidays. Winter and the holiday season always brings an influx to animal shelters, so donating to your local pet rescue now will help them continue their life-saving work. Tell the shelter you’re making this donation in your best pal’s name for an extra personalized touch.

Or, if it’s possible at this point in your life, you may consider fostering a shelter pet this Christmas so that there’s one less pup spending the holidays in the kennel — and they can spend it in the cozy comfort of a home instead!

However you choose to celebrate the holidays, it’s going to be the best Christmas ever as long as you have your best pal in the world by your side.

Let us know on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook if you and your dog have any canine Christmas traditions!

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